William Barden Jr. - Personal

William Barden, Jr. has a long history with computers and writing. He wrote some of the first "how to" books on personal computers. He has always been interested in making computers understandable. Today this is a monumental task since computer hardware and software has become extraordinarily complex with many layers of hardware and software.

In addition to an extensive writing background and 50+ books, Barden has a background as a Software Engineer, working on numerous software development projects.

He lives in Scottsdale, Arizona, an Arizona convert after growing tired of the smog, crowded conditions, and potential for an 9.0 earthquake in Los Angeles. Someone told him that Arizona summers were a "dry" heat and therefore tolerable. This is not true. Nonetheless, the Fall and Winter months are beautiful in Arizona.

He is interested in hiking, mathematical puzzles, writing, radio and electronics, travel (especially Japan) and, of course, small (and large) computers.

Contact him at wtbar@aol.com